About the blog

What am I going to put into this blog?  The short answer is, whatever comes to mind.  So, to actually give you an idea of what you’ll find here, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m a writer, which means I love books.  I’ll pass that love on to you in the form of reviews, interviews with other writers–stuff like that.  The novel I’m working on now is Sci-Fi, so that’s where I’ll likely focus most of my time.  If you’re looking for poignant essays on the intricacies of Pride & Prejudice, this isn’t the place.  Sorry.

I’m a huge tech geek.  I love just about all things technology, so you’ll find a lot of that here too.  Years of IT experience, along with a healthy dose of natural curiosity, add up to a wide variety of tech interests and opinions.  I’ll probably share a lot of them with you.

I’m a random thinker.  My sister-in-law once yelled at me because I was thinking about quantum physics instead of how to help her set up a food stand for a bicycle club.  Random thinker equals random posts.  It should keep things interesting.

Finally, I’m grateful for the people that support me in my life.  The cool thing about that is that I’ll ask them to write as guest bloggers from time to time.  That way you get lots of other random blog posts about lots of random things from some really awesome people.

So, to sum up:  This place is going to be about writing, reading, and technology (mostly) with a little random fun thrown in.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even talk about politics from time to time.

It should be noted that I work for a pretty great company called OverDrive (we’re one of the reasons you can get free eBooks and audiobooks from your library).  However, none of the content on this website reflects the views and/or opinions of my employer (OverDrive, Inc.).  In short, I’m not posting anything here that is officially from OverDrive (and I likely won’t talk about work a whole lot).

Enjoy your stay, and thanks for coming!

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