Fox hates Legos

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Apparently, Fox Business has decided that the poor Big Businesses of this country are unfairly targeted in The Lego Movie, which is a movie that was essentially created by a ginormous toy company.  Seems to me like some “news” anchors need to take some irony lessons. The gist is that the bad guy, Lord Business, represents a corporation that’s just …

QFox hates Legos

Virtuix Omni and Oculus Rift . . . WANT

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I believe my geek circuits have just blown a fuse.  What you’re seeing up there is a guy on an omni-directional treadmill called the Virtuix Omni.  The goofy thing on his head is the Oculus Rift, which is a very, very promising virtual reality headset. The two are now available for pre-order from Virtuix in a bundle that costs only …

QVirtuix Omni and Oculus Rift . . . WANT

XBOX One pulls a 180, but is it enough?

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Well, it turns out Microsoft backed down.  After telling us, if we don’t like their new policies, we can go buy an XBOX 360 and their implacable defense of the high pricetag, they’ve pulled a bit of a U-turn in a few key areas. Microsoft is doing away with the used game restrictions and the always online requirements of the system.  Now, when …

QXBOX One pulls a 180, but is it enough?

Opinion: Responsible Consumerism

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I overheard some people talking about the XBOX One last night, and I couldn’t help but get irritated. Clueless Gamer #1: “Did you pre-order an XBOX One yet?” CG # 2: “Yeah, but I only put $25 down on it.” CG #1: “Yeah, me too–I’m definitely picking one up.” At this point, someone who was a little more clued in …

QOpinion: Responsible Consumerism

Sony pwns Microsoft

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Seriously, just watch this video: This is a response to Microsoft’s rather confusing and overly complicated (read, “stupid) idea for buying, selling, and lending used games. You can read more about that here: Microsoft flips loyal customers the bird. That’s a Sony win right there. Well played, Sony. Now, give us backward compatibility, and you will be gaming heroes forever! …

QSony pwns Microsoft