The Lego movie was good, and Fox is crazy

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I went to see the Lego movie with my wife and some good friends., and the general consensus was that the movie was actually pretty good, and surprisingly clever. It was really fast-paced.  In fact, we described it as “frantic” as we left the theater.  The real magic comes in when you sit down to think about the movie afterward. …

QThe Lego movie was good, and Fox is crazy

Read really, really fast

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It completely blew my mind today when I saw a news report on Spritz, a new app that helps you read up to 1,000 words per minute (wpm). Yeah, 1,000.  You could read a full length novel pretty damn quick at that speed.  In fact, The Hobbit (which is 95,356 words) would only take you around 70 minutes.  Wow. Curious? …

QRead really, really fast

For the love of your geek

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It’s almost V-Day, and I figure it’s time for another post about living happily with your loving geek and/or nerd. My wife, Amanda, is so far out of my league that it’s scary.  I’m also incredibly lucky that she (for the most part) puts up with my various nerdy obsessions.  She understand that I use gaming to unwind, and she …

QFor the love of your geek

Geeky holiday tablet advice

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Recently, I wrote two blog posts for OverDrive (where I work) about which tablets I’d recommend for the holidays.  Instead of re-hashing it all here, I’ll just post up some links. But first, I want to give you some general advice that I didn’t put in either of the OverDrive posts. If the tablet costs less than $100, you probably …

QGeeky holiday tablet advice

Why characters die in Game of Thrones

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Let me start this post off by stating that there will not be any spoilers here.  I’m going to talk in general terms with Game of Thrones (GoT) as my example because most people are at least passingly familiar with it, and it’s kind of famous for killing off characters. So, why does mean old George R.R. Martin kill off …

QWhy characters die in Game of Thrones

Upgradable smart phones? Sign me up!

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No, I’m not talking about your yearly or every-other-year upgrade plan.  I’m talking about upgrading the camera or processor on your existing phone!  You wouldn’t get new-phone-envy halfway through your contract, because you could just upgrade the one you have. Want a better camera? Sure, no problem. Faster processor? More RAM? More powerful battery? Go for it! Motorola just announced …

QUpgradable smart phones? Sign me up!

Virtuix Omni and Oculus Rift . . . WANT

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I believe my geek circuits have just blown a fuse.  What you’re seeing up there is a guy on an omni-directional treadmill called the Virtuix Omni.  The goofy thing on his head is the Oculus Rift, which is a very, very promising virtual reality headset. The two are now available for pre-order from Virtuix in a bundle that costs only …

QVirtuix Omni and Oculus Rift . . . WANT

New Nexus 7 review

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My brother and sister in law are currently embroiled in a debate as to what device she’ll be getting to use primarily for reading eBooks.  I may catch a little flack from him on this review, because the new Nexus 7 is definitely the device she should get (he wants her to buy an iPad). A more detailed review can …

QNew Nexus 7 review