And just where have I been?

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I went on vacation!  Sorry for not giving you any warning, but I’m back now, and will be adding to the nerdy here on the Continuum.  As a preview, I’ll tell you that I have a Nexus 7 (new one) on my desk–a review is coming! My wife and I went to Sedona, AZ, and it was awesome.  If you …

Gallstones suck.

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Well, as it turns out, gallstones and the subsequent need to remove one’s gallbladder are common on both sides of my family.  Because the condition is hereditary, mine decided it was time to lose its mind (it hurt). One week ago I had surgery to get my gallbladder the hell out of Dodge.  I’ve been recovering and making up for …

Use your nerdy obsession to drive you

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Us nerds and geeks tend to get very into our own worlds.  I know that I can sit down for hours on end playing a tabletop RPG with my brothers and friends.  Hell, I’ll walk away from a long gaming session wanting more every time. The same thing goes for reading (novels, comics, or whatever).  I regularly stay up entirely too …

Understanding your lovable geek

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Last week, I wrote a post on how to live amicably with one’s spouse.  It was pretty popular (thank you for reading), so I have been trying to come up with some good follow-ups.  This the first one; hopefully it’s good.  🙂 Are you dating, in a relationship with, or related to a geek?  Do you sometimes have trouble understanding …

I’m petitioning the US government to do something smart

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Hello there. I’ve created a petition to the US government on their official site that I’d like some support on. The idea behind it (the short version) is to end government corruption stemming from compensation from private entities (like corporations, lobbyists, special interest groups, etc). I think it’d be kind of a good idea to make all campaign donations and …

6 tips on how to live amicably with one’s wife

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Having just enjoyed my 6th complete year of marriage to my beautiful wife, Amanda, I thought it would be fitting to write a little field guide to living happily in the same house with your spouse. First, a disclaimer: I don’t always succeed in the amicable part, but I do try!  Additionally, this is all from my side of the …

Superbugs are no joke

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I haven’t posted in a bit–sorry.  I’ve been getting my ass kicked by a “superbug” version of the norovirus called the “Sydney” strain. It’s been awesome, let me tell you.  It’s great getting fluids through a saline drip (two full bags).  In any case, I’m getting better, and you can look forward for more posts coming soon!

Thanks Charlie!

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Some of you may have made your way here thanks to Charlie Stella.  This is a quick post to thank him for posting about me.  Cyclical, right? Charlie’s a good guy, and has written a lot of books.  If you like crime novels, you should check some of them out. He’s also got a pretty interesting blog where he talks …