Curiosity is power

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So, as a writer, I often find myself pondering what makes a book (or any kind of story) successful.  I’ve come to realize that you can throw around terms like “tension” and “suspense” all you want, but it all really boils down to one thing: curiosity. Curiosity is the key to ANY good story.  You’ve got to make your audience …

QCuriosity is power

Fox hates Legos

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Apparently, Fox Business has decided that the poor Big Businesses of this country are unfairly targeted in The Lego Movie, which is a movie that was essentially created by a ginormous toy company.  Seems to me like some “news” anchors need to take some irony lessons. The gist is that the bad guy, Lord Business, represents a corporation that’s just …

QFox hates Legos

Sometimes conspiracies are real (climate change)

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You know how sometimes you think that maybe the world is out to get you, or some all powerful-group is controlling your economic future? Well, if you’ve ever thought that the blatant disregard for scientific evidence surrounding climate change must be due to some mighty group of rich people trying to bury the truth so they can keep selling the …

QSometimes conspiracies are real (climate change)

Science BAD! Money GOOD!

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So some morons in congress decided that science is bad, and that we shouldn’t allow scientists to talk to the public at large because that’d be bad. Think I’m making it up?  Think again.  I really wish this was some sort of insane person’s conspiracy theory, but this is real, live stupidity, folks. The gist is that lobbyists from the …

QScience BAD! Money GOOD!

Three ways kids are more “mature” than adults

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I’ve come to the realization that, in a lot of ways, kids are more mature than adults.  It sounds backward, and may require redefining the word “mature” when referring to emotional states if I’m right, but hear me out. Kids tend to be more honest, more forgiving, and more decisive than adults.  They don’t hold grudges–after an argument is resolved, …

QThree ways kids are more “mature” than adults