XBOX One pulls a 180, but is it enough?

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Well, it turns out Microsoft backed down.  After telling us, if we don’t like their new policies, we can go buy an XBOX 360 and their implacable defense of the high pricetag, they’ve pulled a bit of a U-turn in a few key areas. Microsoft is doing away with the used game restrictions and the always online requirements of the system.  Now, when …

NASA is working on ACTUAL warp drive!

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That’s right–turns out some researcher in 1994 (Miguel Alcubierre) figured out something about faster than light travel.  Basically, he figured out a way to warp space behind and in front of a spaceship.  The idea is that the space behind the ship would be forced to rapidly expand, propelling the ship forward really damn fast.  In short, we could get …

Batteries that would make Batman have a batgasm

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Micro batteries powerful enough to jump-start a car!  Yeah, I just said that, and yeah, they’re real. Imagine a phone you only charge once a week, complete with an app that lets you jump start a car from a little port on the side.  How cool is that? On top of that, imagine what this means for electric cars.  Imagine …

This depresses me

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I was perusing the Google headlines today when I came across an article on the Edison2 VLC (Very Light Car).  It’s this cool little concept that achieves incredible efficiency by making the car both very very light, and very strong. Heck, it even does away with a traditional suspension system.  Instead, the suspension all lives inside the wheels.

Impavid judge lambastes cantankerous companies

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Judge Robert Scola gets mad props from me today for two reasons.  First, he censored both Apple and Google for using litigation has a never-ending business strategy. I’ve written about this before, but I’ll summarize: litigation to limit competition is shitty for the consumer (that’s us). The second reason he gets “mad props” is for his verbal skillz.  Not only …

Tech from my book is going to be commercially available!

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Image Source: MYO Like I said in my last post, I wrote a book. It’s set somewhere around 100 years into the future, and has corresponding advances in technology. Why am I telling you this? Well, I saw this Engadget article today about the MYO armband. It senses motion and electrical impulses in your body to let you control Bluetooth …

LeVar Burton is Geordi 2.0

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Levar Burton most likely just won the internet–at least for a little while. Google is working on a project called “Project Glass.”  It’s a pretty sweet piece of eye-wear that will give you a heads-up display whenever you want it.  There are so many cool applications for this, I have no idea where to start. Anyway, there’s a new contest to hand out test …

Patent trolls, meet the troll slayer

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So today I read a news story on Ars Technica about how NewEgg defeated the mighty patent troll, Soverain Software. The timing was perfect!  I’ve been having a stressful few weeks at work, and today was shaping up to be just like the others.  Around lunch time, I decide to see what was going on in technology news. Let me …