Upgradable smart phones? Sign me up!

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No, I’m not talking about your yearly or every-other-year upgrade plan.  I’m talking about upgrading the camera or processor on your existing phone!  You wouldn’t get new-phone-envy halfway through your contract, because you could just upgrade the one you have. Want a better camera? Sure, no problem. Faster processor? More RAM? More powerful battery? Go for it! Motorola just announced …

Review: ASUS Transformer TF101 after more than two years

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  Everyone is always reviewing the newest tech. When you hit sites like Ars Technica (one of my personal favorites) or Engadget, you get reviews on devices that either aren’t out, or have just came out. They’ve been in the hands of testers for a few weeks, or sometimes months, and then you get a review. That’s great, and I …

How to get the most out of your Android phone or tablet

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I was going to make this post about smartphones in general, but decided to focus on Android to give me something more specific to work with.  That being said, a fair amount of the advice that follows applies to ANY smartphone. The first thing you need is to know what you’re working with.  What operating system does your phone use? …

XBOX One pulls a 180, but is it enough?

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Well, it turns out Microsoft backed down.  After telling us, if we don’t like their new policies, we can go buy an XBOX 360 and their implacable defense of the high pricetag, they’ve pulled a bit of a U-turn in a few key areas. Microsoft is doing away with the used game restrictions and the always online requirements of the system.  Now, when …

Sony pwns Microsoft

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Seriously, just watch this video: This is a response to Microsoft’s rather confusing and overly complicated (read, “stupid) idea for buying, selling, and lending used games. You can read more about that here: Microsoft flips loyal customers the bird. That’s a Sony win right there. Well played, Sony. Now, give us backward compatibility, and you will be gaming heroes forever! …

This depresses me

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I was perusing the Google headlines today when I came across an article on the Edison2 VLC (Very Light Car).  It’s this cool little concept that achieves incredible efficiency by making the car both very very light, and very strong. Heck, it even does away with a traditional suspension system.  Instead, the suspension all lives inside the wheels.

Impavid judge lambastes cantankerous companies

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Judge Robert Scola gets mad props from me today for two reasons.  First, he censored both Apple and Google for using litigation has a never-ending business strategy. I’ve written about this before, but I’ll summarize: litigation to limit competition is shitty for the consumer (that’s us). The second reason he gets “mad props” is for his verbal skillz.  Not only …