Cosmos is kind of incredible

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Neil, you are the man.  If you ever happen to read my humble blog, please know that you’re one of my personal heroes, and I find the work you do (both in and out of a lab) to be truly world-changing. Why do I think all of that about Neil Degrasse Tyson?  The man is on FOX–that’s right, the network …

QCosmos is kind of incredible

Why characters die in Game of Thrones

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Let me start this post off by stating that there will not be any spoilers here.  I’m going to talk in general terms with Game of Thrones (GoT) as my example because most people are at least passingly familiar with it, and it’s kind of famous for killing off characters. So, why does mean old George R.R. Martin kill off …

QWhy characters die in Game of Thrones