Don’t screw up Ender’s Game

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Ender’s Game is one of my favorite books.  I loved it when I read it as a kid, I loved it when I read it again in college, and I still love reading it.

I’m not going to critique the book here–I just want to make it absolutely clear how I feel about this particular novel.

Why?  Because they’re making an Ender’s Game movie.  For some reason, Hollywood seems mostly incapable of making a decent Sci-Fi flick out of a Sci-Fi book.

I mean, look at the evidence!  I don’t even have to give you a list, just go watch Battlefield Earth again (check the link, you won’t be sorry).  Though, The Postman wasn’t much to write home about either.

Despite the spotty track record, I can’t help but be excited about this movie.  I mean, the book is perfect for a well done film.

Take this as an open letter to Hollywood.  PLEASE DON’T PULL A BATTLEFIELD EARTH WITH ENDER’S GAME!  I’m begging you, don’t crush my long-held vision of Battle School.

Ho, Ender!

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      Yeah, I remember getting off work early to go see it. I was furious when I left the theater. Scientologists messing up a good story . . .

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