Great men live forever

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Great men and women live forever.  They live through the lives they’ve touched, and the things they’ve accomplished.

Great men and women own up to their flaws and overcome them.  When they make mistakes they accept responsibility and learn from them.

Great men choose to share their lives and loves with other great people.  They marry great women (or other men–yeah, that’s right), and form great families.

Great men and women let their children thrive and find their own ways in life.  Great men and women teach, but they also allow mistakes so that the children can actually learn something.

Great men and women foster great love and loyalty.  They support and are supported in return–a family that never lets any member sag or fall.

My father is a great man.  And despite his failing body, he will never die.  I will live my life hoping to someday become even half the man that he is.  I will continue to try to make him proud–to leave a mark on this world that makes him smile.

When I raise a family of my own, I will try my hardest to emulate his guidance and example.  I will let my children grow, learn, and find their own paths.

I will buy my kids a terrible computer so that they can learn how to fix it and make it better.

I will always indulge their crazy world ideas, only countering with points and information that force them to truly think about their positions.

I will let my children pursue their dreams–never pushing them toward the path that I think best.  At the same time, I will make damn sure they also know how to make it in this world.  It’s possible to do both.

I will always love and support my wife and future family.  I will do everything in my power to make sure that they have the best life possible.

I will not allow personal opportunity to trump my family’s well-being.  When a major life-decision is made, it will be made with the consent of everyone impacted.

I will do all of these things, because my dad did them for me.  I will forever be grateful, and I will never forget.  That is how my dad will never truly die.  He has been made immortal through his actions and the love he bares his family.

Though it’s woefully inadequate, I have this to say to my dad:  Thank you.  I love you.

I’m incredibly lucky to have the family that I have.  I have great mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters.  I have a great wife, and even a great dog.  To them, I say, thank you for being a part of my life, and I love you all.  Oh, and Cisco, no more peeing in the house.

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  1. Q,
    You are truly gifted with words. This brought me to tears. Your parents raised 3 exceptional men (which is harder than it sounds I am sure) of which they should be proud. Thank you for sharing this, and just know you and your whole family are in my thoughts and prayers. We love you guys!!

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      Thanks, Trish. I needed to say something, ya’ know? I also need to figure out how that infinity symbol image to so messed up in the header.

  2. Sometimes I forget our age and experience and think you as my little brother. Sometimes, I forget and think that I should do this or that because I want to protect or help you. Sometimes, I forget and try and council you when not needed. Then, I remember you have become a man with the brains, integrity, and the bits of stuff emblazoned into your very being that will lead you success in all facets of life. Then, I remember that it is you that has given me the advice, courage, and strength needed to face the toughest times of life. Then, I remember that you emulate that best of what our father stands for and how he lived his life. You have done your father and your family proud. Then I read what you have written about our father and validate everything that I remember. Well said my big little Brother.

  3. Beautifully said. Sending so much ♥ your way, you’re by far one of the best people I’ve ever met, I wish I could take all your hurt away right now. Just keep on being you and your dad will always be so so proud. Xo.

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      Thanks everyone. I’ll try to post something a little less depressing tomorrow. He’ll be missed, but he’s also immortal thanks to his actions in life. Not everyone can say that. 🙂

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