Humble eBook bundle! Go buy one!

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Humble eBook Bundle 2

So I’m guessing at least some of you have heard of the Humble Bundle.  It’s a platform for independent game developers to get their games out to the masses.  Customers pay what they want, and get to decide where that money will go.

Some of the cash goes to developers, some goes to the Humble Bundle people (to keep things running), and some goes to charity.  It’s pretty awesome, and you can adjust the amounts sent to each party.

Well, now they’re doing the Humble eBook Bundle, which (as a writer) I find pretty kick-ass.  I’ve already purchased my bundle, and you should too.  It’s your chance to help out a writer, a charity, and the organization that makes both possible all in one shot.

The books on there look pretty solid (I haven’t read any of ’em yet).  I’ll post up reviews as I get to them.  Happy reading, everyone!

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