Something I wrote in 8th grade

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So, back in 8th grade I wrote a story that my teacher loved.  She was the first person (outside of my family) that told me I had a real shot at being a writer.  She encouraged me to stick with it, and that encouragement is a big part of the reason I’m pursuing (and making a living through) writing now.

For fun, I’ve decided to post the story up here.  I cleaned up a couple of typos, but otherwise left it alone, so what you’re about to read came straight out of my 8th grade head.

Just to give you a heads-up, here’s what the story is about:

Women have become the dominant gender in the United States, enforcing overly strict rules on the male-half and taking away our civil rights (probably out of vengeance for their own civil rights injustices).

Anyway, the point I was getting at in the story was that women and men need to strive to be equal.  Neither gender should shoot for superiority.  We shouldn’t be paying our women 70% of what men make in the same position right now on average, but we shouldn’t reverse it some day either.  Equal means equal, you get it.

I’m putting this all out there up front because, re-reading this, I can see how someone would interpret it as fairly sexist.  That wasn’t my intent, so please don’t come to my house and kick my ass.  🙂  I’m a massive proponent of race and gender equality.

If you doubt me, maybe my next post should be about my engagement ring . . .

Women, the PDF

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