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VLC4 overhead

I was perusing the Google headlines today when I came across an article on the Edison2 VLC (Very Light Car).  It’s this cool little concept that achieves incredible efficiency by making the car both very very light, and very strong.

Heck, it even does away with a traditional suspension system.  Instead, the suspension all lives inside the wheels.

No, it’s not this car that depresses me–I think it’s a really killer idea, and I’m very excited to see the finished product.  I hope it doesn’t suck, because we need some automotive innovation . . . badly.

What depresses me is some of the comments on the article up there (not my own).  There are people out there, apparently, that think we’ve hit the pinnacle of automotive development–that our car designs cannot possibly be improved by radical innovation.  We must stick with our mundane sedans that have no character, and we shouldn’t change the paradigm, because there is nothing better!

To that, I say “bullshit.”  I’m sorry, but there is always room for innovation, and the auto-industry has been stagnant for a long time (with a few notable exceptions like the Volt, Leaf, and Tesla).  I’m not saying we should ignore safety, but good lord, the thing is definitely safer than a motorcycle, and people ride those every day.

Bring it on!  Give me something that’s fun to drive, AND efficient, and I will love you forever.  Oh, and it’d be nice if I could afford it too.  Anyone want to lend me $100,000 for a Tesla?

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