Batteries that would make Batman have a batgasm

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Micro batteries powerful enough to jump-start a car!  Yeah, I just said that, and yeah, they’re real.

Imagine a phone you only charge once a week, complete with an app that lets you jump start a car from a little port on the side.  How cool is that?

On top of that, imagine what this means for electric cars.  Imagine a Chevy Volt with the gas engine removed with one of these batteries taking up the whole T-Cell.  How far could it go?  1,000 miles?  2,000 miles?  How long would it take to charge?  20 minutes?  A half hour?

That is all–go read the article I linked to up there.  It’s fascinating as hell, and could literally change the way we use energy forever (yes, it’s so incredible I used THAT cliché).

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