Fight for net neutrality (important stuff)

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South Park citizens look on in fear, as the internet dies

Someone unplug the router!

If you’re not entirely sure what net neutrality is, I’ll give you a few minutes to check out this article on Wikipedia (you only really need the definition).

The FCC wants to let Internet Service Providers (ISPs) charge premiums to content providers like Google, Netflix, Apple, Hulu, and more.  These premiums would consist of extra fees to ensure that the content from a given web-service would get delivered at higher speeds than would be offered to “standard” internet traffic.

This is bad.

It’s bad because small companies, entrepreneurs trying to get off the ground, that require high bandwidth, won’t even have a chance to compete.  The cost of services like Netflix would go up, and ISPs (who also supply content through channels like U-Verse and have agreements with TV networks) could price the competition right out of the market.  I don’t think AT&T is going to charge itself to deliver content at the high rates of speed required for HD broadcast.

This is a clear conflict of interest, and is just a way for ISPs to continue to slack off when it comes to properly upgrading their actual networks.  The average connection speed in the USA is just embarrassing.

I’m publishing this particular post as a plea for your help.  Please take the time to read up on net neutrality (there’s a lengthy article right here on the subject), and if you support an open and free internet (the ultimate free market), use the contact information at the bottom of that article to let the FCC know how you feel.  I don’t think you’ll be alone.

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