Let’s regulate video games because they’re more dangerous than guns

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You killed my sanity, now prepare to watch me lose my mind.

Chris Christie: “We need common sense laws that regulate video game sales!  Those things are dangerous, and they eat children’s souls!”

Inigo Montoya: “Common sense.  You keep on using those words.  I do not think they mean what you think they mean.”

Look, I’ve got to write my name in a little book to freaking buy Sudafed.  Yeah, I get a sinus infection and that is tracked, but if we want to know who bought that shiny new AR15, it’s somehow attributed to an evil government that wants to control your lives.  If you’re buying a gun without malicious intent, why the hell do you care who knows that you own it?

Now, since politicians can’t seem to even discuss actual common sense laws on guns, they’re going after video games . . . again.  *sigh*  Keep reading if you want to get even more ticked off at the government.

So, in 2005, California passed a law that regulated the sale of violent video games.  That same law was later shot down as unconstitutional by the supreme court.

What does New Jersey do instead of addressing the real issues at hand?  They rewrite what is, essentially, the same stupid law which they are now trying to get passed.  This is likely to cause taxpayers millions of dollars just so the law can be shot down again.

Hell, even if it gets through this time (which will make me both angry and sad), it will STILL cost taxpayers a boatload of money, AND it will be adding regulation onto what is one of the best self-regulating industries in the country (which will also cost money).

It doesn’t matter that study after study shows that violent video games aren’t actually having the horrific effects people like Chris Christie claim they are.  No, what’s a little thing like science and evidence when you can safely go after something without taking a major hit at the polls (because of your demographic).  This is politics at its worst–we have spineless lawmakers that are so afraid of losing the power they have that they’re afraid to make the decisions that really count.

I don’t really care which party you affiliate yourself with, they’re are giant pansies on both sides of the fence in Washington, and it’s making me sick.  I mean, come on, we passed a law that makes it illegal for law-enforcement officials to even check for missing guns in a gun store inventory after a robbery!

Sheesh.  Do me (and society) a favor, and let lawmakers know that they need to worry more about the people than their own political power.  Blatant attempts to appear to be doing something about the problem while not actually addressing it (or making it worse) should be met with proper amounts of derision and mockery.

OK, that’s my rant for the day.

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      That would significantly impact the NJ economy, perhaps generating serious detriment to the entire North East cost.

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