Luke, Leia, and (more importantly) Han return

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Oh yeah, they're back

That’s right, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher have all signed up for the new Star Wars movies.  I’m pretty excited about this.

Hit the break to see some reasons why:

  1. Disney has done OK by some of my favorite properties.  I mean, look at The Avengers!  They haven’t done everything perfectly, but I’m pretty sure they know the danger of screwing too much with Star Wars.
  2. Han Solo (even if he’s a bit older) is the man.
  3. It might mean we’re getting some of the expanded universe stuff–some of which is pretty good.  Grand Admiral Thrawn anyone?
  4. Did I mention Han Solo?
  5. It’s Star Wars, I can’t help but be hopeful.  The fact that the main players from the original cast are back is reassuring.
  6. J.J. Abrams is pretty awesome.
  7. Disney is taking this pretty seriously.
  8. And finally, Han-freaking-Solo.

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