Random House has turned to the dark side?

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Well . . . sort of–at least a little bit.  I just read an article up on i09 about RH’s new eBook-only imprints, and it sounds pretty crappy.  Also, yes, I know that Harry Potter is not published by RH (or one of its imprints).  The picture just seemed too perfect to pass up. (For those that don’t know, imprints …

Impavid judge lambastes cantankerous companies

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Judge Robert Scola gets mad props from me today for two reasons.  First, he censored both Apple and Google for using litigation has a never-ending business strategy. I’ve written about this before, but I’ll summarize: litigation to limit competition is shitty for the consumer (that’s us). The second reason he gets “mad props” is for his verbal skillz.  Not only …

Do not go gentle into that good night

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This post is gonna get kind of heavy–sorry. “Do not go gentle into that good night” (by Dylan Thomas) was always my favorite poem.  Initially, I interpreted it to mean that defiance in the face of certain death is the way to go.  I liked that message–continue to live to your fullest until you can’t anymore.  Don’t just give up …

I’m back with a writing rant

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I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus.  I know there’s not a ton of you out there reading these, but for those of you that are, sorry!  I’m sure you missed me. Anywho–onto my writing rant.  What the hell does everyone have against telling a story all the sudden?

Great men live forever

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Great men and women live forever.  They live through the lives they’ve touched, and the things they’ve accomplished. Great men and women own up to their flaws and overcome them.  When they make mistakes they accept responsibility and learn from them. Great men choose to share their lives and loves with other great people.  They marry great women (or other …

Superbugs are no joke

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I haven’t posted in a bit–sorry.  I’ve been getting my ass kicked by a “superbug” version of the norovirus called the “Sydney” strain. It’s been awesome, let me tell you.  It’s great getting fluids through a saline drip (two full bags).  In any case, I’m getting better, and you can look forward for more posts coming soon!